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21 minutes ago, wikipedia (angel) said:


"Hyena?" Swamppaw blinks, tilting her head. "You don't look like any hyenas I've heard of." Behind her, Spiderpaw nods his head, as if he needed to get the last motion in before the strange cat before them spoke. 

"Well," The gangly brown tom chirps, head twisting- or tilting?- "That's because you've never seen one! Hyenas are beautiful, deadly things," Hyena muses, ears firmly clicked forwards. "They hunt and hunt and hunt- all until they're covered in blood, dripping from every part of them. Everybody is fed, nobody is hungry." He snaps his jaws, a wild grin spreading across his face; shock-blue eyes burrowing boreholes into the trio. "And each bone is broken with a sickening crunch." 

Spiderpaw draws his lips up, slinking back into the pink-grey mass of Cherrypaw. "Are you even a cat?"

Hyena chuckles, so alike to his namesake. "No, not to you, Spiderpaw."

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Sweet dreams are made of these
Who am I to disagree?
I travel the world
And the seven seas,
Everybody's looking for something.

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1 minute ago, Renio. said:

you sound like someone who might like the part after 3 minutes of hfhmehicjrhjs in the mind electric song

Coincidence- I like such a song too

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