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1 minute ago, Renio. said:

you sound like someone who might like the part after 3 minutes of hfhmehicjrhjs in the mind electric song

Coincidence- I like such a song too

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8 minutes ago, Renio said:

Have your tanu. I mean, i should be working on gale for sky splash, but I REALLY wanted to draw this thot. and if this is offensive, oof sorry132105AD-0C50-46A1-B9C8-B58F7D6ACEBC.thumb.png.bcb464730db7db04510ac125049b8feb.png

Here he has the scorp tail now ❤️ True tanu, not this fake bOI I’m seeing here21896205-9987-462E-920F-D6E8695419F4.thumb.png.c087ffb7b23ebef89dfbfe16459bd6ce.png

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The predator that resulted from the accidental combination of a hummingbird's iridescence with an unknown species of a 'pet project' planet seeded solely with two strange creatures; the fossa and the cuttlefish. Colloquially named 'Hummingthroats', Lignuspatii steliatur is a pest species that uses the freckles of iridescent across its flattened 'tail' (that it can control both the size and colour of, thanks to it's cuttlefish ancestry) to both dazzle and surprise prey and predator alike.
Hummingthroats can hunt in packs to horrendous advantage, decimating entire villages food stocks in under a week, with the only sign of them being there the small, iridescent flecks that appear like glitter (and stick to everything like glitter, too) and the terrible, droning hum that seems to imprint itself within the memory of anybody unfortunate enough to hear.

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6 minutes ago, wikipedia (angel) said:

When life gives you lemons, you don't make lemonade
You use them to make girls cry
You take those lemons, no sugar at all–
And you squirt em into our eyes

Sees image name before it loads in.

:Eek:Lemon boy and meee strated to get along togetheeerrrrrrrrrrrr...

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