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It's ya boi terrie back with another gene idea.


So, first up is spider head. It comes with the following traits:

+4 eyesight (the nicheling will now also have 8 eyes.)

+1 Insect collecting 

(No smelling comes with this head. Also, this gene would cause the nicheling to have no ears)


The second gene is Spider Body.

It would be kinda fuzzy, for reasons I'll explain later. The stats/traits would be

+1 Web shooting

+2/3 Speed

+2 Hearing (Spiders have little hairs on their body that help them to hear!)


Web shooting would allow nichelings to shoot webs perhaps at a maximum 3 tile range? They would also lay out web traps that could catch insects, rabbils, and even other nichelings. These would paralyze the nicheling for a few turns.


You can collect the webs off of a nicheling and gain maybe +1 nesting material?

Also, Spider Body would come with 8 legs. Any paw and leg genes would be cancelled out, and replaced by the Spider Body legs.


I am so awful at communicating and explaining stuff so... im sorry if you're confused lmaoo

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how would that look


Also, many spiders have poor eyesight, even though they have a lot of eyes.

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