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Oak trees

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Why do my oak trees always have things under them? every time i start a save my oak tree has one or more things under them. like rocks, berry bushes and toxic berry bushes, and even a nest on occasion. 

the worst case i had was when all but one had something under it, and the spot without was in water. 

this is getting very annoying!!!!

is it just bad luck, or are there other people who have that too? 

and if it is a bug feel free to move it to bugs


Edit: i have done some testing and it seems every new save i make is infected by it. 

Here are the saves as proof

1. this one was the one i was playing with, and I got so frustrated by, after having it happen so many times, i had to take a break.



2.  this is the test save, on this island i can confirm all oak trees have atleast one thing  under it.

the tree i left my creatures under takes the cake, a smelly fruit tree, and a few more things which i what forgot they are.



@Philo do you have an idea why? 

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done some testing + typo fixing
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2 minutes ago, blackcat for ransom said:

I haven't had that issue. Especially nests, I only ever seem to find these under palm trees, not regular ones. 

then your lucky.

Or the game just likes messing with me.

maybe it even hates me after +354 hours of playing 

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@Snowy Owl I think there are no settings that increase spawn chances under oak trees. So it's random what spawns there.

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