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Beaver teeth to cut down trees

Jasmine Grimm


I saw Seri Pixel Biologist playing the new beta and I noticed there are tons of trees. She mentioned it can be hard o navigate around them so I thought that instead of making the trees less dense, beaver teeth can cut them down. A someone by the name of Sammi Kim replied to my comment and suggested that if beaver teeth become an option, that when trees are cut down we could get "nuts, nesting material and a lookout stump".



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I love this idea!❤️ I hope it gets implemented into the game. I have 3 questions:

Would it give strength because you have to be strong to cut down trees?

Would the trees have a ragged stump look, because if you have ever seen a trees that was cut down by a beaver, you would know they don’t cut it down cleanly. 

Would it give +x smelling, and if so, how much?

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