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2 Glitches: No ears and Gem color glitch



So I'm not sure if anyone else is having issues with this, but one of my nichelings has no ears after I used debug commands??

when I looked, it said both ears were recessive, but it didn't have any genes that caused it (ex: spikey body prevents tail).


And my second glitch is that I made one of my nicheling's have orange gems and on the menu it showed that, but on the character, the gems were still green.


The screenshots below:

the nicheling with green body gems but selected orange gems (hard to see because of saber fangs)

and earless nicheling.



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Two things:

1. Just to clarify, is this on the testerbranch, or the main branch? If you did put this post in the correct place and this is on the testerbranch, then I recommend switching to the main branch--that may help.

2. For the nicheling that now has no ears, did he have Bat head before you consoled him? What console command did you use?

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