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An Old-Fashioned Playthrough

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I disappeared again because of college... but I'm back!!
I thought I'd try to do a playthrough not really set too much on rules, since I'm just getting back into it.
Our new tribe is consisted of four members: Quartz, Parrot, Amber, and Possum.
First is Quartz- a muddy brown she-nicheling with tan spots. Relaxed and social, she has helped bring the tribe together into what it is now, making her the sort of starter of the tribe. She is often annoyed by her younger clingy brother, Possum.
Next is Parrot. Named for his bright green colors, Parrot is actually rather calm and collected. He is the oldest of the tribe, and has little interest in helping it expand. He would rather lay back and live his golden years sunbathing on a rock, left alone. He seems to like the company of Possum, though.
Amber is the yellow she-nicheling. Nervous and shy, she has trouble getting to know others and instead prefers to stick close to her tribe members and let them do the talking for her. She has a crush on Parrot, which he ignores.
Finally is Possum, a white nicheling with reddish-brown mane.  Around the same age as Amber, he is the youngest of the tribe. He often hangs out with parrot, listening to his advice and hoping to become smart like him one day.
DAYS 1-9
The first days of the tribe are spent gathering supplies. The first social move beyond friendship is made by Possum. He is talking to Parrot one day.
"You know, you're lucky Amber has a crush on you," sighs the young nicheling, resting his head on his paws. "She's rather lovely, if you ask me."
"You ask her to be your mate then," says Parrot after a moment to think. "You're around her age. I think you two would fit well together."
Possum cautiously approaches the she-nicheling. "Amber?"
"Yes, Possum?"
"I was wondering if you'd like to be my mate," says the white nicheling, shifting his paws in the dust nervously.
"Oh, sure," she says, averting her eyes. She smiles. "I'm flattered that you'd ask."
Soon, Amber announces that she will have offspring. Parrot nods approvingly at Possum.
Their son is born some time later. 
"What'll we call him?" Asks Amber, tilting one head to the side.
"Let's call him Dingo," says Possum.
Dingo is an impulsive, unpredictable kit, and it's hard to keep track of him due to his irresponsibility. Amber often tires herself out looking after him. 
One day, Dingo is hanging out with his father and Parrot when he tackles Parrot, causing the old nicheling to let out a groan. Possum snaps at his son, baring his teeth and telling him to go back to his den.
"I don't know what I'm going to do with him," he says to Parrot softly. "All he does is run around. It's like he always needs a distraction. I'm sorry."
"It's fine. It just seems like he's always trying to prove himself," says Parrot. "I think he has some hidden insecurities. You just need to keep supporting him, even when he's hard to deal with."
"I suppose. It's just so hard to keep up with him. He's never satisfied."
"Patience will satisfy him," says Parrot. "Just keep loving him."

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AMBER - Yellow female with gray patches; careful and nervous
DINGO - White male with tan mane; problematic and overexcitable. Son of Amber.
PARROT - Old male with white mane; wise and blunt.
POSSUM - White male with brown mane; humble and friendly. Mate of Amber, father of Dingo.
QUARTZ - Muddy brown, spotted female; Relaxed

Dingo grows into a teenaged nicheling and gradually grows more independent of his parents, exploring the territory around the tribe.
"I think we should have another child," says Amber, leaning on Possum.
"Are you sure? We can barely handle him," he says, gesturing at Dingo, who is prowling on Rabbils in the distance.
"How hard can it be?"
Next, the two have a daughter. She is much more relaxed and confident than her brother, fine on her own or with others. 
"Let's call her Murmur," says Possum.

One day, the clan is aproached by a beautiful, snow-white she-nicheling. She is old- almost as old as the now-ancient Parrot.
"I was wondering if you'd provide a warm spot in a den for a she-nicheling on her last legs," she says humbly.
"Come on in," says Parrot. "What is your name?"
"Phasma," she says quietly.
Phasma and Parrot spend a lot of time together, to the point where Possum feels excluded. He sits with Amber.
"He's my main source of advice," says the nicheling. "But now when I approach him I feel like I'm interrupting something."
Amber smiles, her long-faded feelings for Parrot now replaced with happiness for him. "He's content, Possum."

One day, Parrot pulls Possum aside. Excited to speak to his friend again, Possum follows Parrot to the shore, away from the other tribe members.
"I did something foolish, Possum," Parrot says. Possum's fur bristles nervously- the wise Parrot? What could he have done? "I... Phasma... Phasma and I are expecting a child."
"A child? What do you mean, you did something foolish? That's great news!" Possum excitedly nuzzles his friend, but Parrot lets out a grunt.
"You don't understand, Possum. We're old." Parrot sighs. "I don't have the time left in me to raise a child, and I highly doubt Phasma does." 
"Don't say that, Parrot," says Possum, but the old male growls again.
"I'm serious, Possum." The white-maned male gets up and limps closer to the water, watching the waves. "I feel it in my bones. So, I want you to promise me. Whenever my time's up, and inevitably Phasma's, too... You and Amber will pick up where we left off with this kit. Even after he grows up- keep your eyes on him. Don't want him to make the same mistakes I have."
"I..." Possum sighs. "I'll do everything I can."
"Thank you, Possum," says Parrot. "Always been like a son to me, you have."

Two days later, Parrot is found dead. Not far away that same morning, inside the den, Phasma gives birth to their son. No one has told her about Parrot.
Possum gently pokes his head into the nursery, his ears flat and unsure. "Phasma... I have bad news. Parrot... he..."
"Is dead," says Phasma, matter-of-factly. She has a soft sadness in her eyes, but keeps her smile focused on her son. "I knew, Parrot. He would have been here as soon as he woke up this morning to see our son." She softly licks the tan bundle of fur. "...Besides, I watched him go."
"Watched him go?" Amber, who had been helping Phasma, furrows her brows in confusion.
"Saw him pass by the entrance of the den when it was still dark this morning. Felt him, too. Knew something was wrong when he wasn't here when the delivery began, but I understood when I saw him. I knew he wouldn't go without saying goodbye, though, and sure enough, he did." She smiles softly. Amber shrugs and keeps gathering herbs as if these are the ramblings of an old woman, but Possum smiles.
"What're you going to call him?" asks Possum, settling down next to the old she-nicheling.
Noble has the timid spirit of his mother. He spends much time with her, but views his father figure to be Possum, often following him around and spending time with him. They grow extremely close as Noble gets older, and Possum tells him stories of Parrot.
Noble grows into a teenager, and eventually, Phasma dies.
"I'm... I'm very sorry, Noble," says Possum, holding the young nicheling close.
"At least I still have your family," says Noble quietly, trying to smile.

The clan is joined by another older female- a bright red she-nicheling named Curly for her curly fur. She easily makes her way into the social life of the she-nichelings in the clan, but always seems to need attention from someone, as if she is deeply lonely inside.

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You don't know me!

Great story so far!

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Woah! I'm really glad for all these welcome backs. I feel at home already ❤️


AMBER - Yellow female with gray patches; careful and nervous
CURLY - old she-nicheling with bright red fur.

DINGO - White male with tan mane; problematic and overexcitable. Son of Amber.
MURMUR - Light grey female; peaceful and independent. Daugthter of Amber, Sister of Dingo.
NOBLE - Young, handsome nicheling with tan fur. Shy.

POSSUM - White male with brown mane; humble and friendly. Mate of Amber, father of Dingo and Murmur.

Quartz dies. The tribe buries her honorably.
Conversations begin to form about the idea of leaving and going to a new island. Finally, the tribe gathers up a meeting and opinions of each member are asked.
"I think we should go east," says Murmur. "It looks plentiful for everybody."
Noble shakes his head. "I think Northwest, really. It looks just as plentiful."
"Both great points," says Possum. "Amber?"
Amber shrugs. "I don't care where we go, as long as we all go together."
"Not like I'll live to see where we go anyways," says Curly, letting out a laugh.
"As much as I hate to agree with him-" Dingo bares his teeth at Noble- "Northwest should be where we go."
"Northwest it is," says Possum. Curly decides to live peacefully on the current island until she dies.

"Why do you hate Noble so much?" Murmur asks Dingo on the way to the new island. "He's never done anything to you."
"Oh, but it's all he's done to Dad. Stars forbid if I ever get attention in the way Noble does. He's not even his son."
"Maybe you'd get more attention if you didn't act like that," says Murmur, before trotting ahead to where Noble is. "Sorry about him," says the she-nicheling.
"I can understand where he's coming from. It's fine," says Noble.
"You know, Noble.." Murmur flattens her ears. "I was wondering..."
"I was wondering if once we got to the new island, you'd like to be mates?"
"I... I'd like that," says Noble, smiling. 
Somewhere in the background, Possum does a happy dance.

The tribe settles in on a new island, and after they are well acquainted, Murmur announces that she is pregnant. She has a beautiful daughter who looks much like Noble.
"Let's call her Robin," purrs Noble.
Robin is a careful, shy she-nicheling. She is much like her grandmother, Amber, and spends a lot of time with her. She spends most of her time listening to her mother and grandmother chat.


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AMBER - Yellow female with gray patches; careful and nervous
DINGO - White male with tan mane; problematic and overexcitable. Son of Amber.
MURMUR - Light grey female; peaceful and independent. Daugthter of Amber, Sister of Dingo.
NOBLE - Young, handsome nicheling with tan fur. Shy. Mate of Murmur.

POSSUM - White male with brown mane; humble and friendly. Mate of Amber, father of Dingo and Murmur.
ROBIN - Grayish-tan she-nicheling; Daughter of Noble and Murmur.

Murmur and Noble announce that they are having another kit. They have another daughter- Mellow. Mellow is very quiet and calm, but serious- she doesn't laugh or smile much.

The clan is approached by a handsome, middle aged male nicheling. His name is Fox.
"May I stay with you?" He asks.
"Sure," says Murmur with a smile.

Amber dies of old age. Possum dies a day after, and the tribe grieves. Noble is specifically heartbroken and isolates himself from the tribe. However, he can't isolate himself for long, for a bearyena approaches the tribe! Luckily, it is taken down before anyone gets hurt, but Dingo befriends a baby bearyena before it scurries off.

Time passes, and later, the friendly bearyena returns. Not long after, Mellow, now an adult, mentions that she is going to have a kit of her own. This shocks the tribe, especially Murmur and Noble, who are having another child.

Mellow gives birth first to a scruffy-looking male kit. He is aggressive and a bit hard to handle for the young she-nicheling. He doesn't get along with most in the clan- not even his mother. He is named Walrus for his bossy, loud ways. The only one who seems to get along with him is his grandmother, Murmur, who takes him under her paw as her own. This causes tensions between she and Mellow, since Mellow rarely cares for her own son.
Even so, Murmur can't dedicate all her time to him- her third daughter is born. She is named Starling. Starling is serious and quiet, much like Mellow when she was younger.
It isn't much longer before yet another young nicheling joins the tribe- another young female with deep red fur.
"My name is Angora," she says. "May I join you?"
Angora is welcomed into the tribe, but remains very timid and shy. She becomes the friend of Walrus, who is interested in this new female.

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