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Patchnotes 0.3.1 Closed Alpha

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Dear crew

We just released the update 0.3.1 for the closed alpha on Steam

New Features

  • Added flamethrower weapon and particle weapon tech upgrades


  • Improved minimap visibility
  • Dropping off scrap parts yields small amounts of resources
  • Increased capacity of resource tanks to 200
  • Increased mining speed
  • Reduced drill energy usage from 35/s to 25/s


  • Fixed transmitter enemy shooting through walls
  • Fixed progress bar of sumo tournament
  • Fixed sumo matchmaking, you now get the weaker ones first
  • Fixed drill energy usage
  • Fixed drone brain explosion
  • Fixed resource container animation blending
  • Improved resource collection so less tiny pieces remain

Small Hotfix

  • Fixed 3D Sound Position
  • Updated Network connection check, so you don't have to wait too long for sumo opponents


If you encounter any problems please report them in Bugs
Thank you!


Stray Fawn Studio

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Cool! Excited to play with the changes, and for any future ones!

Haven't tried the drill yet in the Closed Beta. Excited for the other weapons. 

Also: Hurray for easier Sumo challenges at the start!! I'm not that great at Sumo (yet) so I've had to train my crappy autonomous drones against each other to try and judge if they were getting better. Added incentive to have them win a match or two in a tournament. heh

I'm happy about less tiny pieces of resource left! Wasn't an issue if you had patience, but now it should be less of a problem for those who try to automate the process.


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