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Immunodeficiency Virus



Warning - Disease


Got this idea when we talked about the immune system in class. Maybe it's not that good since we already have immunodeficiency in game, but I think this could generate a bigger obstacle. I had to translate the terms, so something may be incorrect.

This is how it would work:

The virus is sexually transmitted. It has a certain chance (25%?) of infecting the mating partner. If a female is infected, she also has a (higher?) chance of transferring the virus to her baby. The virus has a varying incubation time (between three and thirteen days) and during this time you won't be able to see that an animal has been infected. The incubation time works like this: After three days there's a chance that the animal is sick the next day. This chance grows bigger after every night.

Wanderers would have a low chance of being infected, and rogue males maybe a 25 percent chance.

I think this could change sickness from being a minor inconvenience to actually becoming a struggle.



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I'll just leave this here: 2) Content unsuitable for children, e.g. nudity, sexually suggestive or explicit images, excessive violence, gore and drugs;

While this is not an image, STDs/STIs may fall under that category until further notice. If you wish to talk about them, please content tag it (by cw: disease in pale red and at size 22) and remain respectful :) 

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