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Win a Nimbatus Closed Alpha Steam key! - GIF Competition <Closed>

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Hi folks :)

We plan to run a bunch of GIF competitions in the near future!
The first one starts NOW. This is your chance to win one of 3 Steam keys for the Closed Alpha!

Here are the rules:
- Post your coolest/funniest/cutest (aka most awesome) Nimbatus GIF right here in this thread.
- Only GIFs recorded with the demo version are allowed in this competition.
- @Roger, @Markus, @Micha and me will pick our 3 favorites.

Please note:
This competition is now closed.
You can use [F9] to generate an animated GIF of the last 6 seconds gameplay, but feel free to use other tools.
We maybe show some of these cool gifs on Twitter, Reddit, etc. Please only post here if that's ok with you.

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I have been working on a mobile homing rockets drone, i think its realy cool and its actualy prety effective, this is one of the things il make if i get a steam key, best of luck to you all.



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@eldrichgaiman Man that is super rad looking! I am no admin, but if I could vote, that is a strong contender! Though that glitch where the terrain is loading in kind stinks. I'd hate to ask but is there a way to re-record that it? It's so cool and I'd hate to think it lost "points" for having a glitch in it. :(

@Cringele  - that is some serious power right there haha! Chaotic madness!

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