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How to find logfiles and savefiles on your computer

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@PriestessKikyo1 Unfortunately there is nothing in the Slot3 savefile :( It seems to be empty

What happened before it got corrupted? Did you close the game correctly, or just shut down your pc? Or are you using a second computer to play Niche? (Maybe the steam savefile synchronisation messed it up)

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My computer sometimes gets really slow when I run Niche. I play on a laptop and I really need a better graphics card because when I run the game it puts my computer at full capacity.

I closed the game out but it took a long time for it to close, it kept "not responding" but finally closed out. The next night when I opened it up it showed there was no game in that slot, even though it's still in the folder.

Wow, that is super crazy that the file is completely empty. Ugh, well there went 350 hours! 

Anyway, thanks for looking into it.


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