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We just published a game: Retimed!


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Hey everyone

We just helped to publish a game for the first time :)
It's called Retimed and was just released on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/760810/Retimed

Retimed is a 2D multiplayer arena shooter with nerve wracking slow motion moments.
In short: It's a mixture of Smash Bros and the movie Matrix.
You can challenge up to 4 players, alone or in teams, online or offline on 8 different maps.

Retimed was made by just 2 people! @MadMax (who is also one of the Niche programers) and Annika.
They worked on the game for over 2 years and now it's finally out!

If you want to help out and make the game more successful, you could retweet this, share this on Facebook or buy the game of course :D


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Omg literally today at school I was on strayfawn studio’s homepage and was like “has retimed come out yet? I kinda want to play it.” I swear anytime I wonder if anything has come or t comes out the same day! 

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16 hours ago, gamingfawn said:

hasn't it been on the games page thingy for like forever?

Yeah, but it was in the works, I don’t think it was published.

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The game has been in development for quite some time :)
It was released as a local multiplayer game on Switch last year.
And now the dev team finished the online multiplayer mode and e published the game on Steam.

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