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Ms paint piXEEly??


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So I was just drawing some stoof, hit da save button and continued drawing. Then da whole painting went pixeely, and by pixeely I mean when you tried to fill in some stuff there was a bit of white seperating the color I tried to fill the painting with and the outline, while also turning the outline into tons of small pixels that had a similiar color to the actual color but not similiar enough to be seen as the same color.

So, I ignored it and just deleted whole drawings cuz I didn't like em anyways.

But then, I selected a drawing and chose transparent selection. I colored it gray cuz it was white, and it had tiny white speckles near the outline. I thought it would dissapear when I colored it white again so I drew a background and then hit paste.

But then there were white speckles outside of the outline and the white speckles inside turned into different colors depending on the background. So i clicked save again and now there are even more pixels.

Plis help, I don't want to tire my hand trying to make the picture look normal.

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