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Nuta Redraw :)


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As the year comes to the end, so does my sketchbook, rip. The first drawing I made in my sketchbook was of Nuta, so I decided to redraw it for the last drawing in it, because, why not? Anywho,

Original: Made around early 2018 (Does he even have a right eye??)OldNutaEw.jpg.a5adcc361aa7c241d04cbe40196f8e9b.jpg


New: Made on the last day of 2019 (Anatomy? Lol what's that - also the eyes look completely different oooops)Nuta.jpg.dc8fff275b58299e7fbaa1cf02be3bdc.jpg


Yeah. Also hi I'm back sorry I was gone I just kind of got out of niche for a while. I'm back into it now but I'm probably definitely still not going to be active here. Oops

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