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New Year, New Challenge


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SO Everyone Knows about the super super hardcore challenge. Where you set all multipliers to max and start on the the Deadly hills. Then one day I was going to do it, then I though . . .

"What if I started on this killer mountain(Frost Lands) instead, to make it more challenging" I almost instantly died and retried sooooo many times. I'm posting this as my New Year's goal to start this challenge again and see if I can last 100 days.

I also would like to see if anyone else can do challenge. (I plan to post my try(s) on playthroughs if anyone wants to see my progress or, post their own)

Rule's(basically the same as the very very very hardcore challenge rules)

  • On first playthrough all multipliers must be Max(all but healing which is at 0) along with random set of Nicheling's
  • Pregnancy- 2 days
  • Baby- 4 days
  • Child- 5 days
  • Teen- 15
  • Adult- 60 (can be changed just what I'm going by)

If/ When you Fail

I don't know how other people might do in this but I failed multiple times. So if you do die you can.

  • brings down multipliers that got you killed last time
  • Get rid of creatures(Like the balance bear which killed off my tribe multiple times)
  • Customize Nichelings to have genes that will help you



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