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Your Oldest Niche Screenshots


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What are your oldest Niche screenshots :D? Here are mine:


My first one, ever, was also my first world, ever.



NUTA (Also in my first world ever, which I actually remember the name of- Mado.)440650_screenshots_20170107183636_1.thumb.jpg.489a04e1a1435774030875da5e8d3f79.jpg


I was in awe at how many children they managed to have lol (Also very creative names, I have to say)440650_screenshots_20170107190142_1.thumb.jpg.2855b2b70c4dea22839aa7bd2920c130.jpg




Pretty pretty



Just a fish.440650_screenshots_20170111162637_1.thumb.jpg.846d4dc37f8b1303a8a187e036368623.jpg




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Wandering savior in a blind challenge.


Looks so smug, too. Paired one of the daughters with one of my first purrsnots. 


Experimenting with style when finding gods. They're not consoled, though. Just a really, really old HI tribe. Might be the frst or one of these to reach home properly. (So not counting my glitched one from before the update)



"Illegal" journal tribe. Here to showcase the worst shots you've ever seen. 

And then some...




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Eyebrow tribe?


More gods


These too



Tavan, also known as W.h.a.t. Got eaten in the end because I had no yet adapted to playing without sound.

I didn't take any before joining the forums... so there's no remembering my first tribes, though I know they all had fangs+running leg+big body going on. Just mutated fur colours after streamlining the tribe, which... no.

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Well I haven't played niche for a super long time like the rest but here is my first niche tribe. I was a complete noob and just moved with the flower ports, and after a while just stayed on this one island😅

Didn't find out about things like bearyenas, bluebirds and arctic ramfox until much later...

But it was and is still a ton of fun😁


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