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Patchnotes 0.9.3 Early Access Preview

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Dear Drone Engineers,

We just released another small patch on the preview branch that fixes some critical bugs.
We also added support for the Metal graphics API on Mac. Please report if anything does not look correctly anymore.

Patchnotes 0.9.3


  • Drone skins should no longer be locked again if you have the steam achievement.
  • Homing missiles no longer work as programmer captain
  • Upgraded Steam API to fix compatibility issues
  • Fixed bug where Hull did not take damage
  • Fixed bug where beating the bossfight wouldn’t unlock neighboring systems
  • Fixed upgrade slots display in captain select screen
  • Fixed bug where no drone parts were available in the tutorial


  • Added support for Metal graphics API for Mac
  • Added bossfight navigation arrow
  • Added tooltips for drone launch window
  • Improved End of Galaxy UI
  • Added threat decrease visualization
  • Made torches detectable by temperature probes
  • Adjusted spawn rates for missions, planet themes and planet events

Happy testing!

Stray Fawn Studio

Here is how you can get the preview build on steam:

– Open your Steam library
– Right click on Nimbatus in the Steam library
– Select Properties / Beta
– Select preview from the drop down
– Restart steam in case the game does not update automatically or you can't see the preview branch

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