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Actual ANIMATIONS, would be lovely. This game would be significantly more immersive, and fun, if creatures did more than just sit there, and pivot on their behinds with no animation, following camera movements, and heads moving to the location of the mouse, and everything facing the same direction, moving in unison.

This game would be a lot higher in my books, if instead of having characters move around like chess pieces, have them move around like an actual animal would, taking some time to travel between spaces, and interacting with its surroundings, such as ears perking up and characters looking around/growling if a predator is within a certain range of the creature, or maybe a crouch, ready to pounce with ears perked forward if prey is nearby, maybe even animations between a pair that has mated last, such as rubbing sides together, and grooming when next to each other, that doesn't use an action point.

This is the main thing this game lacks, and I think would improve it MASSIVELY. I would hope it gets considered honestly.

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First of all, welcome to the forums! ,(^-^)/

Second, unfortunately the developers have said before that animations like this would be too hard to and expensive to animate. Below is the suggestion where they said this.


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