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Mulan the Cat

Land Cosmetics


Well, I was thinking it might be nice to decorate the land.

So what if you could add 'cosmetics' to the world?

How it would work:

  • There would be some sort of mode you could enter that would allow you to add decoration to any tile
  • There would be a number of options to choose from and each would be unique to the type of tile they were added to:
    • Empty: paths (have the ground look worn), footsteps, small bones, small rocks, twigs etc
    • Trees: Not sure. 
    • Nests: Shells, moss, ferns etc
    • Burial grounds (like where a nicheling's bones are): Some sort of memorial to them
  • Most of these 'cosmetics' would be 2d or placed around the tile as to not clip with anything. The ones that are 3d nichelings would not be able to stand on.
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