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Gimme somethin' to draw. Plz.


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Niche related or no, I don't really mind.

although this is in the Niche forums, so like...

eh 🙃


I may or may not put up pictures, but like my phone is being buggy, so it might take a while. If I ever do at all.

... now does anyone have 0.7mm hb pencil lead? like a lot of it?

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18 hours ago, FawnCat said:

If you want here is Laisre

Thank you friend! 


18 hours ago, FawnCat said:

No, but...I understand the struggle, my 0.5 mechanical pencil only have that last small piece in that doesn't want to work... it's driving me nuts

And good luck with this. 🙃

Totally not using this as an excuse to try out the forum's amazing mechanics...

12 hours ago, Sting-tail drake/alex602h said:

Sting-tail drake

Sting tail normal.png

And thank you for this also =3

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56 minutes ago, CanDLinkZz said:

Not the best, but I did it 🙃

that little stripe around her neck that looks like a collar is so cute for some reason


I love it😁 Thank you so much for drawing her.

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Wow! Two in one day?! It’s unheard of!🙃

Yeah uh, was totally bothered to do all of the dots


It's now that i realise how similar they are

mine is pretty much just the same image but with questionable shading


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10 hours ago, Sting-tail drake/alex602h said:

Fin-tail drake?

Normal Fin-tail drake.png


9 hours ago, Lisa The Dragonwolf said:

I dont have a pic of her, But i want a black fox with a red tail tip, red claws, red gazelle horns, and nightwing-like wings.

Of course, my friends! 🙃

wow, you're better at coming up with things for me to draw than my friends in real life...

I didn't expect to get this many...


are you all secretly part of the mars cult?

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