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Looking for Niche Mobile Testers now!


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Dear pack members

It is time! You can now join the testing team for Niche Mobile :)

If you want to join as a tester there are several requirements, read before applying:
- You must have an Android phone with version 7 (Nougat) or higher
(if you have an older phone let us the specs and we can check. You can now also apply as a tester if can test the game on PC or Mac, but we prefer if you test on mobile.)

- You need at least 10 posts in our forums to be eligible.
- Let us know why you want to join as a tester.
- You must agree to NOT share the download link we give to you with anyone.

How to access the game if you get accepted:
If you are accepted, you get the "Niche Mobile Tester" role. Which gives you access to the hidden "Niche Mobile Tester Section" section, where you can find the link. Also you will receive a ping via email when we tag this role in the forums.

Disclaimer: Please note that we're looking into some business deals which could potentially lead to Niche Mobile not being released on all mobile platforms (be it Android or iOS). Don't worry about this too much yet, if it happens we will look into other solutions for you to play the game.

The discussion and bug reports for Niche Mobile are public, so that people that are not in the tester squad can be part of the experience as well :)


Thanks for your support!

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13 minutes ago, Philo said:

Awesome, thanks @FawnCat!
I just gave you the Niche Mobile Tester role, could you check if you can access the Niche Mobile section in the Niche forum section?
And if you can download the game :)?

Hey @Philo I can, and just downloaded and installed. 🤩

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27 minutes ago, Sting-tail drake/alex602h said:

Am i the only one who cannot test it?


I'm not sure if I can. Not on my own phone at least. Google "Nokia banana"

Edited by Just normal Lilytuft
"phine" XD
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1 hour ago, Philo said:

@Tundra no, it should also work on iOS, but hasn't been tested yet. Also it's more difficult to give people access. We'll check after a few iterations on the Android one :)

I use iOS. So, might I be able to test at some point? 


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1 hour ago, inmiu said:

@Lisa The Dragonwolf Aww, bummer! Nope, the Nichelings always return from missions, but there is a chance they will get hurt, if they are not adapted to the biome properly.

Oof. Also will the game have all the same genes as in the origional? Maybe more? My friend chloe has an android and wants to play, so if the website isnt blocked for her when she goes to my house i will make her a stray fawn studio account and see if she can get the game.

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