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Lilytuft with antlers

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8 hours ago, Moptimus Prime said:

I was cleaning my desk and found some stuff. Decided to take picturesIMG_1349.thumb.JPG.73538ec8a5660aabbe42b6f3d2922d24.JPGIMG_1350.thumb.JPG.f2f1ae2b25ca0a09336de6209ef2af72.JPGIMG_1351.thumb.JPG.341d5f502325d9d2b7a44e325e001b0a.JPGIMG_1352.thumb.JPG.0cbfc57dd7ed01c6a320ef6814cdd042.JPG


8 hours ago, Moptimus Prime said:

Here's some of my oldest niche art. You may need to visit r/eyebleach after seeing theseIMG_1564.thumb.JPG.afd966aeb755379029e9ab821b23a378.JPGIMG_1565.thumb.JPG.f27847dc08c2fc54dd25830a36554d78.JPGIMG_1567.thumb.JPG.608d1502c457c9374ce1f84a1b894423.JPGIMG_1568.thumb.JPG.142185617325522ca85f742b5edab8b6.JPGIMG_1569.thumb.JPG.133dbe72ee84b2d74b09ab8c7975481d.JPGIMG_1571.thumb.JPG.3039dcaace025674641f4e770824970b.JPGIMG_1572.thumb.JPG.e35906c828bebeffc9dc25e65f65828b.JPGIMG_1574.thumb.JPG.705dc4608c258ae03ca6156d7634a239.JPGIMG_1575.thumb.JPG.c1aae49917082a582bf965fd99c41f09.JPG

the old ones looke cool, and the newer ones are amazing. I really can't describe how amazing.

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