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here's a conversation i had with a scam caller-😶

Me: “Hello?”

Caller: “Yes, hello, can you please confirm that I am speaking with uldhsgbclajbnfse? This is szrdtfguyihjok;nlbhvgcf from gvdfclibnds;avibj.”

Me: “Uhm, where are you calling from?”

Caller: “North korea”

Me: Uh, I thought that was a communist country. 🤔 Last i knew, your leader doesn't allow phone sevice outside of the country”

Caller: “Yes, except our leader is dead now. 💀 He died a couple of days ago”

Me: “Really? Because he was on the news this morning. He was complaining a missile not being launched”

Caller: “Er, well, yes, but that is because i just killed him 5 minutes ago” 🔪

Me: “Don’t you think that statement is a little terroristic?”

Caller: “No, because my sister is taking care of him as we speak, so everything is fine”

Me: "Oh, so you and him must be really close then”

Caller: “Nein”

Me: “That’s german, not korean”

Caller: “Ah yes. Thank you. aHkNhEeOoHw”

Me: “There you go. Much better. Except i have a question for you: If North Korea doesn’t allow cell service outside of the country, how are you calling? Also, North Korea doesn’t teach English, so… yeah.”

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