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"people take possession of my bleeding heart. oOwoaoAowwoAawaOAaoAwOaWoO!" - me making fun of a children's song 

" 'im going to kiss your frog if you do that again' 'come at me brenda!' " - my friend and me

*in a really deep voice* When I was 13, I had my first love" - me making fun of the 'Baby' song by Justin Beiber

"OaWoAaOawAAAAAoaWWoAwOAaowAaoAIAiAIaiWoAaoa" - also me

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"i want to grab him by his fragile man-child ankles and swing him into the sun. lovingly, of course."

"hes the. the guardian of the S T A I R S"

"i would rather lick the popcorn ceiling in my mothers room than waTCh THIS ABSOLUTE DOGWATER-"

"NO STOP ILL EAT YOU'RE FINGERS"           that was the way i said it the "you're" isnt a typo lmao

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"You need a new Big Owner outfit,"

"What am I now, Massive Owner???"

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43 minutes ago, CABINET said:

"Today, we don't care about gameplay, we don't care about story, we care about D O O R S"

Guess of where it's from: Polygon Donut?

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