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4 minutes ago, Goggles-kun said:

I was worried it would be too obscene. I’ll take it down. :(

Just let us know that there is, in fact, an Austrian town named: [Insert curse word here]

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Just now, Goggles-kun said:

Not Australian, Austrian.

Also let it be known I can't read. But that also seems like such an Australian thing to do.

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52 minutes ago, Aetherskye said:

If I was born a few days earlier I would get to draw an Evil George Washington for school and I'm lowkey salty.

this is the 2nd of mine that's included George Washington. Weird.

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11 hours ago, Queen Bee said:

...oops, I already unassembled Grian and put him in his own chest already

My friend’s response: She put poor Grain in a box.

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