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little to no context


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I look back on that text, because we text about football/soccer everyonce in a while and it just says “I need a potato.” Just randomly at 10 o’clock in the morning.

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3 hours ago, Tundra said:

minimal context: there’s doors 


*Grian’s Narnia. It’s where he keeps te doors.*

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"What happened? Where are the others?"

"They got turned into energy cubes..."


"...but it's okay, because I am gonna get them all back. All I need to do is A: find Milton Dyer, B: find Unagami, C: get them to work out their issues, D: convince Unagami to turn all the energy cubes back into people and E:.. umm... I don't think there is an E. I think that's it."

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