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Send me any Nicheling and I draw (NOT OPEN)

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38 minutes ago, E E E E E E (Ireland) said:

Just gonna..


These four.

As I was posting this I noticed a mark on Ireland's pic.

Edit: Ireland doesn't hAve bearyena claw. It's a regular claw.

should I pick or just go nuts and do all (I mean, I don't have much else to do so..)

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@Katumai I’m so sorry Its late! I tried to give her some extra Pazaz with the name and little flecks of magenta in the fur. Also I would have gone crazy if I didn’t finish her. Thanks for the patience! 


As for the rest of you this thread is now CLOSED. If you simply cannot get enough of my gorgeous style, then please shoot me a private message. Thank you :)) 

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