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Deer Challenge

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Niche the game

turn off friendly bearyenas and dodomingos

Game Settings

Age: Baby, 1; Child, 5; Teen, 5; Adult, 30; Pregnancy, 6 days.

Damage: Enemy, 16; Hunger, 1; Environment, 13; Healing, 8.

To Start

4 starters, 3 females and 1 male. No genes with claws or fangs (predator genes, basically)

Females: Only allowed to have antlers or no horns. Max of 2 strength. Only allowed to attack predators if they threaten their child. When their child is a teen, the female will likely breed/ have a new baby.

- (optional): Pick one female to be Head of Herd, the main leader. Give them blue gems. They cannot be leader if they are a teen or above 35 days.

- (optional): If a female is infertile, they will be the Omega of Herd, who basically is an omega, taking care of everyone's babies, defending everyone, etc. They will have the pink gems.

Males: Only 3 maximum in the tribe. Required to have megaloceros horns. Must have at least 5 strength. Only allowed to attack predators if they threaten themselves/ other males. Should have orange gems.

- Males will stay behind the rest of the herd, and will split from the herd if danger is near.

- (optional): Males can have main mates that they stay near and breed the most with. The female mate will have an orange gem on one of them, and males will have a green gem for the same one.

Food: 60 food.

Nest. Material: 100 material.

Win Condition (optional): survive 1000 days.

Island: Peaceful Meadow, but try to go to higher difficulty.


- you're only allowed to eat berries.

- Make sure your creatures meet the requirements they have. If you have too many males, need to change genes, etc. Use commands (F1; SwitchGender/ SetGene)

* also, for SetGene, to have 2 different genes, type 1 of them and put a space, then another of the same category. ex: pawnormal pawberry.

- Females are not allowed to stop and wait out pregnancy at one nest. Females need to keep going with the tribe and can go to a nest when they're able to give birth.

- The tribe is required to always be moving. every 20 days go to the other side of the island to simulate 'migration'.

- Based on different kinds of deer species, change your tribe to be a moose, caribou, elk, reindeer, etc. herd.

- Females should defend their babies with their lives.

Island-based Rules

- Savannah: Travel less to 'stay cool' and stay to the trees. If there is water, stay in that primal area when it gets hotter.

- Killer Bearyena Island(s): All deer will likely run from killer bearyenas, but females will defend their babies.

- Mountain: You are only allowed to breed after the snow ends to simulate spring.

- Jungle: Again, stay in the area with water, and stay where there isn't much jungle.

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I've been looking for a new an interesting challenge which I can create stories813299259_Screenshot(73).thumb.png.8dc8d884c8324deccc55b88d738037a6.png with. Created my little band of Elk. 














Perfect opportunity arouse in this child, really liking it so far.

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