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v 0.9.4 Ancient snake cannot be detected

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In the ancient jungle temple, the snake cannot be detected by directional sensors or vtol thrusters, it is not detected by nearest enemy and the mission objective does not exist in the ruin to be detected either. I have not tried the danger zone detection of the proximity sensor yet, and will update this if it does show up on it, but i doubt it would. Please make this an enemy I an capable of fighting on programmer mode.



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The snake's body can be detected via "danger zone" and the parts of the body which you have to shoot react to "enemy". Nearest enemy should react to the parts which you can destroy on the enemy. Does it work for you this way?

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welp, from what I remember "position tracker" would sense the block in the middle of the temple, "nearest enemy" did not have any reactions when the snake showed up, and I did not try "danger zone" because I decided to send in a mostly unguided factory ship that would print a shotgun on a engine over and over (suprisingly effective swarm weapon, if very laggy by the time the snake died).

But now i have come back to the temple to see if danger zone and enemy detect works, but the nimbatus isnt aligned with the temple entrance, and is instead way above it, to the point that a drone just going straight bumps into the little decoration castle on top of the temple, and i cant find the appdata folder under my user profile to send you the game state, so heres pics

Screenshot (9).png

Screenshot (10).png

Screenshot (11).png

Screenshot (12).png

Screenshot (13).png

Screenshot (14).png

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Ah, I'm very sorry. The entrance is fixed with the newest version ^^' I was of testing with the current internal build, therefore I was not seeing the issue you have (in the next update, the drone will launch directly to the left from the entrance)

You have to be a bit patient until we release the next update, since it quite a big one and needs a lot of testing. We have a "translator-branch" which we update frequently, but there's lot of broken stuff in it (new biomes), so I don't recommend to play it for the time being. I'm very sorry :/ 


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