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The king of the tribe (wip) KOTT

Rekasi The Nicheling

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 A Ruler Must Designate Mates


~ Nichelings get mates assigned on the 5th turn of their life


~  A Ruler must have a House ( A nest under a tree or in a tree Unless there are none, then a perm nest )


~ All Nichelings apart from the king needs at least a bush


~ After the First king dies find the heir with the most of a skill you need ( Speed, Strength, Etc )


Age , Damage & Healing:


Baby: 5 Child: 10 Teen: 15 Adult: 40

( Start of adulthood is day 30 )


Pregnancy: 5 Days 


Enemy Damage: 10 Hunger Damage: 5 Environment Damage: 15 


Healing: 20




1 Lead Male/King  , 1 Main Female/Queen


Middle Class


Berry Harvester

Winged ( Nichelings with wings are favored and warn if enemies )

Low Class

Explorer ( Fast boi or Gorl only there to remove grass & stuff )

Orphan Care-taker ( often ugly or crippled )


Each must have differing genes- make sure you change the immunity as well


Game-play Settings: 


Food: 150


Nesting: 80


You may have blind genes, No unlocking all genes, you may enable the tribe size to whatever you want if you would like it.


make sure to remove the meat eating plants if your using any jungles


This is mostly a story type challenge but you could add a ending kind of thing

Edited by Rekasi The Nicheling
Still a wip lmao
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