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51 minutes ago, UWOaether said:

I'm just tired of the arguments. Everyone is trying to restart it and crap. Everyone is changing the worlds. I just want survival with other people. Now everyone is going to your realm. 


This is what happens when you lose internet for 2 days and leave children unsupervised.

uhh, did I forget to switch the world back?

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11 hours ago, Polly said:


yeah, we can have both. I have an idea. We could have that realm always be the creative world, and my realm always be the survival one, that way, there is no way to have the owner forget to switch it back. But that would make it being a realm pointless. So you do you. I', not sure why you need a second realm though, unless you want a better plot, but to be honest. You have to make the plot as you progress, we like being teamates, so I think that a soviet style would be good. But another way to do that is to still have econmy and have the plot bring us together, but we worked hard on our shop so we still do capitalism. Actualy, I think the reason we have a bad plot is because we focused too much on how we got to the islands.

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