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Minecraft Realm V2


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2 hours ago, CuteBirbys said:

I think The reason why I am scared of Mobs in Minecraft is because I watch Forge labs and he does like parasite mod in Minecraft, and that mod is terrifying.

don't bring that memory back please o-o

1 hour ago, PurrSnoutMaster said:

It's Amogus!



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46 minutes ago, CuteBirbys said:

Who is the realm owner


what is your username again?


6 hours ago, CuteBirbys said:

Also Is it fine If I make a youtube video on the realm? (when I get it working) I am a new youtuber and I need something to film. 

yeah, but make sure to teach them the lore.

It'll help me keep track of the lore.

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