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7 hours ago, Polly said:

i.. finished the voice lore i had planned...

only took me like, forever

anyways im wating for the last lore plans for this arc to happen and everyone else's arcs to be done to continue my planned lore.

so uh. yes

so you only stayed up till 11


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13 hours ago, pepper_ said:

i stayed up until 1

how much tea do i need to drink to compensate for that


2 cups

and oh my it's night already

you mustn't drink tea this late

I say you shall sleep

13 hours ago, pepper_ said:

oh cool I added a beat and made it flow


12 hours ago, Polly said:

uh so polly smp is canon in sfs now-

Communication throughout Universes was just too cool for me


that ruins the meeka thing


oh well

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