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1 minute ago, Polly said:

it says its not available in my country 


it has 0 songs but ok-

I may have an idea-

you can have a separate playlist but the same songs. Anyone that needs one can have a duplicate of their own.

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2 hours ago, Green said:

What costumes would your characters be wearing for Halloween?

Clover would be wearing a scientist outfit because she already has one I guess

North would be wearing a black cat costume but the costume is just really wonky because she couldn't put it on correctly. 

c!green thinks this whole costume thing is silly but she still wears a costume, that being a crow costume (g!green wears a dove costume to match)

Muriel would dress up as a goth vampire, the second most cursed Muriel

Marielle would wear lionfish themed clothing

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4 minutes ago, Green said:

I want fluff with North but I also want edge and angst and suffering 


1 minute ago, Polly said:

what about


at once

"without fluff there can be no angst"

- sun tzu, probably

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Just now, Green said:

would anyone wanna do a bit of fluff?

I just really need North to make some friends 


*patiently waits for north to let slip that shes with clover so c!epper can have a mental breakdown*

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