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10 hours ago, Polly said:

polly has a  argument over dirt for 5 minutes 


Well I mean... have you seen the hermitcraft server. They're grinding every thursday.


But genuinely, that's why minecraft is such a nice game. You play how you want and it's fun.

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14 minutes ago, UWOaether said:

Also, a giant cuptoast might be coming to the village cause, I have to add a bit of a cuptoast to the tubbo cult. Because apparently the dynamic is that they're siblings and the Captain is their father. I'm not kidding lmao.



We can subtract some... uh 156 white wool from the white wool. 

But who doesn't want a lovely cat staring down on us.

Also after looking through her twitter I am super inspired to start drawing aaaaaa.

Also also, don't start actually gathering resources until I get a look at it in a creative world.

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has anyone ever thought of using a fishing rod to get their netherite gear back if they through it in lava, like, it works on any item, so, you can use it to get it back if you accidentaly throw it in lava or die in lava.

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