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opposable thumbs



if you don't know what mean, I'm talking about the thumb on the human hand, this is also found on raccoons and monkeys. in nature, opposable thumbs allow animals to grasp items and food, stuff with a smooth surface so i'm basing this off a raccoon, because, niche.  raccoons have claws too so  this will do damage, but this paw is adapted to grasp items and food, so lets get to the point.  nichelings with this thumb get an ability (poison, poison resistance etc.)  but this time it's called grasping and it takes effect in random areas so I have made a list with explanations 

Raccoon palm / apposable thumb: collecting+2 , attack +1 and grasping.       to unlock this paw/thumb you need to collect 20 food, get attacked 5 times, have no dead nichelings on screen  and  find a nicheling with this gene so that it is hard to unlock

ok here are the things you can do with grasping

1.when your nicheling dies it leaves behind  a skull, with grasping an option appears beside the skull  to put it on, doing this will give your  nicheling 1 defense, some attack depending on how much there horns had as well as some cool looks! (if the nicheling has any form of solid horn it cannot wear this)

2.if a lean bodied nicheling stumbles across a big bodied nicheling corpse it can wear it and get 1 defense 

3.if you have 3 nesting matierial you can make a blanket it keeps the nicheling from cold , but doesn't warm it up when it's already hot, you lose it when you go in water

if you are confused or have thoughts for the list of what grasping can do I will grasp the idea!

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