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0.3.1 Game freezes

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Are there known issues with the latest windows 10 release?

I just had a strange freeze. It startet with looping sound from spotify (playing background), gamesound looped as well.

The game was still running fine a few seconds aside the soundproblem. Than the landscape startet to be indestructible, couldn't mine either, but the drone was movable, weapons fired, explosions happend.

Next nimbatus froze to an halt, could not be closed with alt-F4 and ctrl-alt-del did nothing.

The mouse was still movable, i tried to open the taskmanager with the mouse on the taskbar on my secondary monitor, nothing happend, right click on the nimabusicon in the taskbar brought up nothing, an open explorer-window could be moved ober to the primary monitor and was in front ob nimbatus, could open up the start-menu once,  then freeze of everything but mousepointer.

After a powercycle all is looking good again...






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