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Even if im not a big fan of kids, it's always nice to see them get so passionate about stuff that is usually considered to be too complicated for them :) 

I got into genetics when I was 10, and now I could probably tell you what two cat's kittens would look like pretty accurately(I studied cat genetics for YEARS)

I was also really into how magnets worked when I was around 8 years old, I would mess around with them for hours, just sitting on the kitchen floor next to the fridge

You can imagine my mom's surprise when her 8 year old who tried washing her bike (one of those small ones) in the washing machine started spewing facts about magnetic fields and negative VS positive charges and all that

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I got into the game back when i was eight-- even now i'm really confused at how quickly i got into a game like this. And uh, how I understood any of what was going on... oh, maybe it was because it was back when the game was in early access and a lot more simple-- hey, the game grew up with me! =^w^=

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14 minutes ago, Alyssia said:

Not fair.. not accurate of him to say that it’s a game about genetic manipulation.. you’re just trying to help a species survive with the best genetics you have at your disposal.

It's a dad thing 😛 I guarantee all dads are like that.

Just like all dads don't want their children having boyfriends or girlfriends.

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