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The Deadly Cult

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This cult isn't so friendly.... IT'S A MURDEROUS CULT! 

So...we meet again! This isn't anything typical you'd see on the challenges page everyday...


Let's get this over with..

What is this about? You may ask.

The deadly cult, you gather your nichelings... a random nicheling as appeared or a rogue male... OR MAYBE AN ANIMAL! (bears ect ect)

As you see them, you inch forward, when you get close to them, YOU SCRATCH THEM! Doing it over and over till it's DEAD!

When it died, you continue...you kill more random nichelings / rogue males / animals , till your tribe as died from age...


Keep scratching the random you see till it dies! Remember..This IS a murderous cult..

Everything else not mentioned is optional! 

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