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Horn Growth.



It always looks so strange when the babies come out with the horns, so I thought it would be idea if the horns would grow as they age. Newborns would have no horns, babies with 1 gem would have little stubs. Ones with 2 gems would just have a smaller version of the horns than the adults? Once they become adults their horns would be fully grown.

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in addition realism and cuteness, this could add some extra challenge- young nichelings without fully grown horns wouldn't gain any attack points from their horn genes until the horns finish growing.

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Also if we ever got an option for making super long lifespans than there could be a possible to have the horns fall off and regrow. Although with shorter lifespans this is not needed, but could possibly work if you had an option for it on a menu for players who didn't want the growth cycle option.

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On 6/23/2018 at 11:05 PM, orangesunrise said:

I love this idea! I always feel bad for my females when they have to give birth to babies with megalocerous horns!

Same XD I look at the baby then the mom and I just let out a sigh of relief that it didn't kill the momma ( I am very aware it couldn't BUT still) then after before the mom of all my horned babies dies I'm like, " Thank you for giving the most painful birth and ty for being a fabulous Nicheling and momma  R.I.P " 

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