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Headcanon: Research Drone on an Alien World


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Alright, so here is my headcanon for what exactly the player is in the world of Niche.

A research drone sent by future humans to study life on an exoplanet.

This is the reason why the Niche animals have portmanteaus of Earth animal names as names - those are what the human astrobiologists were reminded of.

The genetics of the animals are close, but not quite, like that on Earth - for example, phenotypical changes are in at least one species much faster and more drastic than in any multicellular lifeform here. Those peculiar genetics are the point of the research this probe is conducting.

The hexfield landscape is how the drone's systems maps the area.

When you "control" the nichelings, you are actually just recording and logging their activities - the drone is able to interface with the nicheling's brains, which comes with the downside of only sensing what they sense as well as an aerial view from a satellite or atmospheric vehicle. It also means that you can't actually see the difference between "what they do" and "what I do".

So, what do you think? Plausible?

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