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We've seen each others' awesomest creations, now let's share our most spectacular mistakes.

Keep in mind these ones of mine are all fully automatic drones!


...it just vaporized...


"What's understeering?"  *points to image*

"Oh.  What's oversteering?"  *points to image, again*

"Oh.  What's windup?"  *points to image a third time*


It is persistent, at least...


"Jitters a little in the lab, but how bad can it be?"


Why are you going UNDER the bucket? NOOOOOO!


A failure to eject.


These critters don't give up!  I waited 20 minutes!

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Do random things snapping off count?


Both from Demo, I don't have a lot of captured moments of things going wrong. I did have some with my mech but I deleted those sadly. Including failed stabilization (going into the ground because I used the wrong tag and crushing the drone), tap dancing (the leg sensor was too strict so it kept triggering in flat surfaces), and my favorite which I still have a gif of: funky dance moves


Which is still in the drone and is caused by the pendulum effect the auto stabilizers cause.

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