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camera switching



When using full autonomy, especially for eg snake eggs, using a set of autonomous sub drones to actually do the mission works very well. However, the player cannot see what they are actually doing - because there's no zoom / pan of the planet.  I get the camera sensor helps a bit - but then, especially when using the factory, it is hard to switch between each camera sensor instance.


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In fact, there is a horrible workaround using the current camera system - by using windowing and then changing the window size so that it is extremely wide, one can increase the angle of camera rotation enough to see the entire planet.

Which sort of defeats the whole intent of limiting camera view.



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Currently I handle this by using trigger gates to cycle between the various camera, (assigning a differnent key to each type of drone)

But I agree it would be nice to have a logic part that can cycle through an array of cameras assigned to a key

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