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Patchnotes 1.0.2 - 1.0.7 Early Access

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Dear Drone Engineers,

We just released a new Nimbatus Update containing new Ice Planets, a new Introduction for the Survival Mode, Steam Achievements and much more! Check out the Patchnotes for a full list of changes.

We have translated the game into more languages with the help of our players! French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish are almost completely translated. Czech, Dutch and Finnish are not ready yet and will be added in a future update depending on the translation progress.
If you find text errors or spelling mistakes, please head over to our Crowdin page and suggest a better translation! If you want to help translate Nimbatus into another language please write us a message or post in our forum!

We plan to release the full version of Nimbatus in about a month! For this we'd like to fix as many bugs as possible. If you have any crashes or find bugs, please report them in our forum or on our discord.

Patchnotes 1.0.2

New Features

  • Ice planets with new missions and enemies
  • Tutorial / Introduction for survival mode
  • New Intro for the survival mode (Outro coming soon)
  • New final corp planet for the survival mode
  • New corp enemies
  • New pirate enemies
  • New missions for jungle and lava planets
  • New drone effects, obtainable as rewards at the end of galaxies
  • New sandbox mode options
  • Mothership upgrades and drone effects can now be activated in sandbox mode
  • Sandbox mode options can now be changed in already existing saves
  • Added 34 Steam Achievements
  • Added unlockable Corp Drone skin
  • Added options to in-game pause menu
  • Added customizable background and grid colors to the drone workshop
  • Added planet and racetrack testing scenes (accessible from the test simulation)

New Drone Parts

  • Added sniper weapon
  • Added spark thrower weapon


  • Changed fonts to support more languages
  • You now damage the terrain if you collide with enough speed. This was added to address the problem of single pixels of terrain blocking you.
  • Added area indicator in which boombugs and lavabombers deal splash damage
  • Toned down the heat area indicator for heat bubbles
  • Functionally identical weapons now stack, except for researcher, as you might want to equip different upgrades
  • Added option to disable the border in the test simulation
  • Added velocity and angular velocity display to the test simulation
  • Added sandbox-option to toggle free mothership upgrades
  • Reduced tooltip font size
  • Improved and balance final corp mission
  • You can zoom in more while in the test simulation.
  • Default language when playing for the first time is now the device language
  • Sandbox settings can now be changed directly on the mothership upgrade screen
  • Adjusted behavior for Hammerhead, Lava Stonemanta, Icemanta: They return to the planet if they stray too far into space
  • Added possibility to rename savefiles after they are created
  • Added translators to credits
  • Added the Nimbatus Container to a separate sensor detection layer


  • Bio Barrels difficulty scales with how far you traveled
  • Stonemanta Caves have 1200HP instead of 2000HP
  • Lava Bomber Caves have 2000HP instead of 3000HP
  • Small Magnet now has a radius of 15 instead of 10 meters
  • Lava Bomber deals 250 damage instead of 600, in 23m radius instead of 30m
  • Lava Cores heat drone parts up by 40°C instead of 50°C per second
  • Heat capacitor has more health and heats by 5°C instead of 10°C per second
  • Cryo Pod has more health
  • Lowered the amount of Lava Bomber hives to destroy on easy difficulty
  • Cost of hull repairs now increases each time up to a certain limit
  • Threat increase scales now scales with your progress
  • Amount of resources obtained through rewards now scales with the difficulty level
  • Improved distribution of upgrades on randomly generated weapons


  • Fixed bug where the rotation mode of the weapon gets reset
  • Fixed angle offset of multiple beam laser
  • Fixed bug where corp battery tower spawned inside the shield of the corp laboratory
  • Fixed translation for air resistance downgrade
  • Stonemantas now show Healthbar when damaged
  • Lava Bombers now show Healthbar when damaged
  • Fixed bad performance of proximity sensor
  • Fixed bug where “mission failed” popup wouldn’t show up when mission was previously completed
  • Fixed bug where lava fountains didn’t register certain collisions
  • Mines are now detectable as enemies
  • Fixed weapons being able to shoot through terrain
  • Fixed tooltip flickering when displaying weapon details
  • Fixed bug when exporting drones on Linux (they ended up without file ending)
  • Not unlocked weapon upgrades now stay installed but display an "?" icon and won’t work
  • Threat increase scales now scales with your progress
  • Fixed projectile detection of proximity and distance sensors. Due to the new quicker method it can happen that some projectiles are still undetected.
  • Added second larger Grid to drone workshop for better orientation
  • Changed min / max ranges for certain weapon attributes so that they are upgradeable
  • Fixed Hammerhead Collision, they should no longer glitch into the terrain
  • Fixed ice spikey dens and jumpfish nests not working on certain planets
  • Fixed bug where manual race had fully autonomous precondition
  • Fixed bug where manual race button was not clickable
  • Fixed a crash when entering the test area 

Happy testing!

Stray Fawn Studio

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We just uploaded a hotfix that fixes the following bugs:

  • Fixed broken Tutorials and missing Droneparts.
  • Fixed that Enemies could spawn in the Nimbatus Container
  • Fix bug that Tutorial Drones ended up in the global drone list
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We just uploaded another patch (1.0.3) addressing the following things:

  • “New Drone” is now also correctly localized
  • Added better localization for random weapon names
  • Fixed resource gathering tutorial counting as completed when you died
  • Added gravity and air resistance indicators when on planets
  • Fixed bug where the game crashed when exiting the test simulation
  • Fix label size for gamemode description
  • Fix particle collision with the Nimbatus Container
  • Fixed that the pirate mine mission did not load anymore
  • Fixed wrong MissionTarget for the pirate mine mission
  • Improved placement of lava fountains
  • Tortoice icicles now deal 100 damage, don’t freeze tortoices anymore 
  • Reduced amount of tortoice dens / jumpfish nests / pirate mines to destroy
  • Improved spawning behaviour for pirate mines, especially for ice cave planets
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We just uploaded a patch (1.0.4) addressing the following things:

  • Adjusted spawn location of fossils to be further away from the core
  • Adjusted terrain strength of all planets to make digging easier with upgraded weapons
  • Balanced difficulty of destroy pirates mines missions
  • UI: new icon for enable / disable borders
  • Added fail-safe to corp fracking mission, towers destroy themselves when they fly too far away
  • Balanced firefly mission, gave fireflies better swarming behavior
  • New visuals for test drive enemy spawners
  • Added small objects you can pickup to the test planet 
  • Fixed bug where galaxy map could load endlessly if you had any upgrade maxed out
  • Changes corp mines radius indicator color and adjusted particle effect size to match damage area. Added health-bar indicator to small corp mine.
  • Fixed particle collisions with Nimbatus Container
  • Balancing: Made shortcut in final corp mission slightly harder
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We just uploaded a patch (1.0.5) addressing the following things:

New Features

  • New Keybind Settings in the Main Menu
  • Small visual changes in the Tournament Screen


  • Fixed stretched fire and frozen effects in final corp mission
  • Made the Weapon Workshop UI larger so the text fits better for the different languages
  • Fixed Bug where downloaded drones had no deploy cost
  • The Preview in the Weapon Workshop now shows locked upgrade effects again
  • Fixed bug where amount of certain weapons was not saved correctly
  • Fixed bug where “Freely unlockable weapon upgrades” sandbox setting didn’t work unless “Drone part unlocking” was also active
  • Fixed bug where resolution changed after entering main menu. The resolution now only changes when you press the apply button.
  • Fixed Bug where the Drone Description Input Field could not be deselected and scrolled out of view.
  • Fixed translation of starting weapons
  • Fixed Going Green Achievement. It was accidentally triggered when using thrusters.
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We just uploaded a patch (1.0.6) addressing the following things:

New Features

  • New Keybind Settings in the Main Menu
  • Small visual changes in the Tournament Screen


  • Resource Tank now more accurately displays how full it is
  • Improved visuals of fossil
  • Added sound effect for deploying resources into container
  • Fixed background color of gameover screen to use the correct shade of black


  • Initial resource amounts now differ depending on the selected difficulty / mode
  • Balanced frostbomb and jumpfish missions on higher difficulties
  • Improved final mission. Added shortcut after you found warp drive
  • Balanced blackbox mission: Less wreckage and no large bees on low difficulty
  • Rebalanced corp outpost mission
  • Buffed starter weapons slightly, added some weapon upgrades
  • Balanced prices of mothership upgrades
  • Balanced rate at which the repair cost increases, now depending on difficulty


  • Fixed Garbageman achievement, the required amount of barrels was 9 instead of 5
  • Fixed exploit where travel events could be skipped by quitting the game
  • Fixed save file ui in main menu not updating when language is changed
  • Fixed splashscreens, they should now show correctly again
  • Fixed localization of edit drone UI for workshop drones
  • Fixed jungle chest sound effects
  • Fixed wrong materials on pirate enemies
  • Fixed not playing sfx at survival tutorial end when you get rewards
  • Fixed cryo tank not spawning
  • Fixed amount of tortoice dens to destroy
  • Fixed bug where you got a mission in the competitive modes after game-over in survival mode
  • Made altimeter usable on test planet
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We just uploaded a patch (1.0.7) addressing the following things:


  • Made Nimbatus warp drive invincible to lower programmer captain difficulty
  • Changed warp drive container collision layer to "Enemy Structure"
  • Fix drag and drop of drone parts
  • Fixed bug where opponent drones could unlock achievements for you
  • Improved sound effects of ice planets
  • Added music to the survival mode outro
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