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Nimbatus will be released on May 14th!

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After 1.5 years in Early Access, Nimbatus now has a release date: Full Launch on May 14th!

It would be amazing if you could help us to  get the word out! Here is how:

  • Tell friends and fellow gamers to wishlist the game on Steam (there will be a nice launch discount)
  • Tell your favourite Youtuber, Streamer, News-outlet about the upcoming launch
  • Retweet our launch date announcement
  • Share our launch date announcement on Facebook
  • Review the game on Steam
  • Play the game on launch day (May 14th)

To celebrate the occasion we made a new trailer :D


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awesome! I will be sure to play if I can, and will spread the word, I spread the word at early release and so will I now!

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