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Nimbatus - Drone Creator Release today!


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Hey folks :)

As some of you might have heard already, we're releasing the drone editor from Nimbatus as a seperate free game on Steam!

You can use the Drone Creator to participate in our building competitions.
The first competition starts NOW and the deadline to enter a drone is May 7th! Winners will be announced shortly after.
Winners will receive 1 of 3 Steam keys for the full game (Nimbatus - The Space Drone Constructor)!

Here is how you can enter the building competition:

  • Build the smartest, coolest looking or most creative drone using the Nimbatus Drone Creator.
  • Create a GIF of the drone (press F9 to create a GIF of the last 10 seconds in the game) or record one otherwise.
  • Post your creation in one of these channels to enter the competition:
    > here in this thread
    > this channel in our Discord
    > or share it on Twitter with #DroneCreator

Here is the new trailer :D

And a list of all the features:

  • Over 75 physically simulated parts to construct your drones
  • Procedural weapon system and tech tree
  • Autonomous drone programming using logic and sensor parts
  • 8 Tutorials to learn the basics of drone engineering

We hope you enjoy the Drone Creator and build many awesome things with it :D

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A drone that has boosters to get out of trouble, heat seeking rockets to target things, homing missiles, and cryo rocket missile bombs. Also, there are pivoting jump thrusters and shields. This is based on bees. That was a mouthful.


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A little automated fighter that keeps a distance between the enemy and itself and shoots Missiles.
Two turning speeds and two shield clusters, depending on where enemies are detected.
Also two firing triggers, close range and laser for long range.




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Just for fun, a background description + download for giant worm to burrow through planets


The Ferro Mortem, also known as the steel worm, is a massive space borne predator, capable of destroying entire planetoids with their burrowing. It is undoubtedly mechanical, but acts with its own feral intelligence, and has been seen in various forms, sizes, and lengths. Many theories exist for its creation, most common of which is that all specimens of these worms are rogue drones from some unknown factory, now spread throughout the cosmos without discernible purpose.

Terra Firma Wyrm.gif

Ferro Mortem.drn

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Our team has voted and chosen the winners of this first round!

Congrats @WyvernofExistence :D
Awesome snek!

Congrats Great_Flopfish44 (Discord)
Very stylisch robot!

Congrats Congrats @!true (aka Entity 2.1.pre6) (Discord)
Sorry not sorry!


Congrats @88botong! (Discord)
We were really impressed by this complex calculator

Congrats @Sent  (Discord)
We have always wanted to play Pong in Nimbatus ;D

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