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Hunter Challenge

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Baby, 2; Child, 3; Teen, 5; Adult, 30; Pregnancy, 10.

Enemy, 6; Hunger, 3; Environment, 6; Healing, 3.

Start with 2 nichelings, a female and a male

the female gets blue gems (see ranks) and the male gets orange gems (see ranks)

the female should be very strong, while the male can only have 3 strength or lower

Start on any island you like

Important Setup Stuff

disable the following;


To Win: survive  500 days or get 1000 food

Start with: 100 food, 50 nesting material, tribe limit of 25 or 30.


Lead Huntress: Gets Pink Gems (Ones with very high skill are considered 'legend' Huntresses, give them Yellow Gems), ranked Alpha

- Organizes hunts

- Leads group

- Usually a female, but can be a male if she has no daughters

- The next Huntress must be the strongest (if two have the same strength do digging and fishing skill) of the old one's daughters

Huntress's Mate: Gets Blue Gems, ranked Beta

- Is the mate to the Lead Huntress

- Advises her

High-Tier Hunters/ Huntresses: Gets Orange Gems, ranked Beta.

- Higher skill hunting than Low-Tiers

Low-Tier Hunters/ Huntresses: Gets Green Gems, ranked Omega.

- Lower skill than rest of tribe

- Usually 3 of these ranked creatures


Idea: Disable all ways to get food without strength or fishing skill, and see if you can survive


Tips to make this easier:

Start on Summer Mountain, or a different Snowy Mountain island, since there's so many rabbits and arctic foxes.

Start with purr snout (since the stinky fruit trees are disabled, it's harder to unlock).

Try to get as many tribe mates as possible in your first few days.

Use fishing and digging skills to your advantage! These skills are super important!

Don't travel to any savanna islands, since there are no Acacias to cool you down

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