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mm, just thought of a fun challenge for Niche

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lmao okay, this will take awhile to set up, but uhm, oKaY


Make sure you have these gem colors: Orange, Red, Blue, and green, and magenta.

There are mainly 4 groups, gatherers, they collect berries. in order for your nicheling to be a gatherer, they must have collecting or fishing higher then fighting, or swimming and such. Gatherers have orange gems.

Then you have alphas, They have blue gems. Alphas form when they are the offspring of the original two alphas, they strongest and prettiest of the offspring will be chosen, being given the alpha rank, and blue gems. in order for their to be the mate of the next alpha, they must pick the strongest male, or prettiest female. 

then their are warriors. They have green gems, they must have their strength higher then any other gene, they stick around young nichelings, and will hunt and attack any other creature. including rouge males.

Then we have villagers, they use magenta gems. villagers are formed when their gathering, and fighting are equal. they can also become a villager when there are too many gathers or warriors. villagers help clear grass, and expand territory.


now you might be wondering, "if there are 4 groups, then why are their five gem colors?" thats because, When a pair of nichelings become mates, they must stay mates for as long as their alive. if one of the nichelings mate with another nicheling that is not their original mate, they will both be given a red gem. if the nichelings gems are all red, they must be banished from the tribe. If a female mates with a rouge male, They baby will automatically be given a red gem.

Now the challenge part, make sure to put it in sandbox mode, because your nichelings must be pregnant for 3 days, enemy damage must be set to 3, and you must set your nichelings fertility rate to 2.  


I recommend using a medium island if using this idea, but easy island can work.


this is also just something i do when im bored, so uH y e a h


stay safe everybody, love you all!

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This is a really fun tribe concept! I like the reasoning for each nicheling having the certain role of gem color. The reason I'm back here is to screenshot this for the future. Thanks for the idea! 🌿

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