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Fox Challenge

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Baby, 3; Child, 5; Teen, 12; Adult, 30; Pregnancy, 1.

Enemy, 8; Hunger, 3; Environment, 3; Healing, 1.

Start with 6 creatures with the following gene requirements:

- main fur should be orange, red, beige, gray or white

- have a white mask

- 3 females and 3 males, all different ages

- at least 1 paw should stay on the ground (running, velvet, bear claw, for example.)

- no platypus snout, gills, sabertooth fangs, bat face, cracker jaw, sticky tongue, bird beak or digging trunk

- sticky tails

Blind gene mode

Start on a large island; this can be any island you'd like, but it must be a hard or extreme island.

Start with as much food and nesting material you'd like.


- your creatures cannot live in a group! females stay with children until they're 4 days old.

   * Otherwise, two or three creatures can have a shared territory, but they still might fight, and this is typically so then they can mate later or the fact they are siblings.

- if two creatures can hear, see or smell each other, they can either fight or mate.

   * fighting can be any creature. Use the strength and defense to see how much damage they cause.

   * mating can only happen if a female has left her children or if its a female and male.

- when two creatures mate, they may mate 2-3 times, so a female can have a litter of up to 3 children to maximize their survival chance.

- disabled babies are killed

- foxes can have 'truces', where they may work together to get rid of an evil fox.

   * wars are allowed between truces

- if you want to, you can make a small pack of wolves (3-4 creatures). These wolves will attack the foxes, and the foxes must run from the wolves.

   * if you don't make a pack, this can be arctic ramfoxes or bearyenas.

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