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The Darkness Challenge

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You start with six nichelings

Nicheling 1;

Male, at least one claw, big body recessive, blind, and stripes

The rest is up to you or the game

Nicheling 2;

Any gender, double nimble fingers, poison fangs, blind, mask and white pattern

Rest of the genes are up to you or the game

Nicheling 3;

Female, gills recessive, water body, fishing tail, blind recessive, short sighted eyes

The rest is up to you or the game

Nichelings 4;

Any gender, big ears, big nose, normal eyes, at least one runner's paw, spots, at least one black fur gene and black pattern color

Named The Seer

The rest is to you or the game

Nicheling 5;

Any gender, bearyena snout recessive, and blind

The rest is up to you or the game

Nicheling 6;

Male, peacock tail, one wing and one deformed paw. Mask pattern and blind. Purr snout

Named The Healer and has blue gems

The rest is up to you or the game


All nichelings start as teens



Environmental- 2

Enemy- 2

Healing- 1

Hunger- 3


Age settings;

Baby- 5 days

Child- 4 days

Teen- 6 days

Adult- 60 days


You must try to survive as long as you can without using the mutation menu to get better eye genes(any other gene is fine but no eye genes)

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